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 Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed

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Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed Empty
PostSubject: Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed   Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 6:31 pm

Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed Ces09-gateway_uc_series

The ink is still drying from Gateway's introduction of the MD / UC Series, but already both machines have been thoroughly tested and reviewed. Starting with the more mainstream MD7801u, Gateway trimmed a number of features in hopes of producing a lower-cost machine that bargain-minded buyers would take interest in. To that end, there was nothing really remarkable about the MD, but that's exactly what the company was going for; all in all, it ended up as a solid, well-rounded rig that should handle basic tasks with ease. Moving down (size wise, anyway), the UC was deemed "incredibly stylish," and it was found to be impressive in pretty much every testable aspect. Of course, it won't handle gaming or hardcore video editing, but given the $799 price tag, we know you weren't expecting it to. Feel 'em both out in the read links below.
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Gateway's MD / UC Series laptops get reviewed
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